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Our curriculum is based on the Creative Curriculum Program. Creative Curriculum helps guide the teachers in their goal to provide for all aspects of your child’s development. Through observations and assessments, the teachers are able to document your child’s progress. Teachers meet with parents twice a year for formal conferences to discuss your child’s progress and to set goals and objectives for their continuous development.

A Typical Day

As a “play-based” center your child will participate in a wide variety of well-planned, developmentally appropriate and at times, messy activities.

A typical day includes art experiences, toys/activities to encourage fine motor skills, musical activities, reading and story time, as well as outside playtime to encourage gross motor development.

Nutritional Program: early snack, morning snack, lunch , and an afternoon snack

Age Group Overview

Infant Program (6 wks – 18 months)
Low teacher to child ratios. Caregivers assist your infant to push up, crawl, sit, stand, and walk, while your infant determines when and how to pursue these stages. Daily written logs are provided to monitor your baby’s progress.

Toddler Program (18-24 months)
Children learn motor skills, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and cleaning up after themselves. Auditory skills are developed by listening to music, playing instruments, and listening to books read aloud. Interactive play and sharing is encouraged.

Two’s Program (24-36 months)
Children are read to and listen to books on tape. Beginning literacy and numbers are introduced by stories, finger plays, songs and games. They enjoy physical activity outdoors playing with tricycles, balls, and in the sandbox. Toilet learning is introduced in a supportive environment.

Preschool Program (3-5 years)
Creativity is encouraged as children self initiate sensory rich activities curriculum tailored to meet the children’s skill levels.

Children develop and apply creative problem solving techniques. An art rich curriculum reinforces small motor skills needed for success in the academic programs.